STREP is currently involved the following projects:

The ARK project ©

A Self-Sustaining Lunar Port-of-Call

ARK = Architecting Resources and Knowledge for space

The ARK Project © is an accelerator that seeks to identify gaps and challenges in the current technological and funding landscape for a lunar base, and establish as a result of this research the most leveraged organizational entity for advancing  the development of a self-sustaining lunar port-of-call©.

Large area transparent thin film thermoelectric devices for smart window and flexible application


The developed technology aims to demonstrate the functionalities of a smart window able to measure air quality and environmental parameters such as temperature, sun radiation and humidity. The data is automatically collected and can be utilized for controlling heating, cooling and ventilation systems of indoors. Active radio interface enables long-range communication and long- term data collection with WiFi or a similar base station.

The proposed concept of smart windows replaces several conventional sensors with a distributed sensor network that is integrated invisibly into windows. In addition to the power generated from the thermal energy harvesting, the thermoelectric elements (TE) are also used as temperature sensors that, while being distributed over large area, enable thermal mapping of the area instead of just one or a few values measured from particular points. This smart window can be produced on glass, but the final goal will be the fabrication on transparent flexible organic substrates using Roll to Roll Atomic Layer Deposition (R2R ALD).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no [645241].

Oxford Wind Turbines (OWT)

OWT patented technology is a disruptive wind turbine design which is smartly made from mass produced, standard and mature components, with increased efficiency and reduced cost, as well as additional safety features over competing products. Oxford Wind Turbines offer high reliability leading to low maintenance requirements, and have little operational noise.

Multifunctional Wireless sensors (MWS) 

 The STREP wireless ambient multisensor is powered by ambient light (battery-free) and is designed for the measuring concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, light intensity and relative humidity in living spaces. These parameters enable effective air conditioning, lighting control and minimized energy consumption in both residential and working spaces.